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No remote. No menu. No nonsense.

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Iron Cast TV without the TV

We are living in a digital world with digital channels everywhere, and the need for a traditional TV has disappeared. Therefore, we embrace a digital TV for a digital lifestyle. Designed for the smart-phone generation; we removed all the hassles and added simplicity.

No remote. No menu. No nonsense.

With an ultra-slim aluminium back and a high contrast front, we're excited to introduce our new 55" UHD television. Solid and sharp like a rock, we reimagined what a TV needs to be and welded it by danish design principles.

This TV has everything you need, to start streaming your favourite content, from your favourite devices.

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"TV of the future..."

"So simple, that it is brilliant... "
- Alt om Data Magazine

"Here is the TV that many wished for!"
- Recordere Magazine

"...will make your TV experience much easier."
- Idenyt Magazine

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" elegant!"

"I was looking for a TV like this... "
- Faisal Mansur

"I'm game"
- Bogar Mordin File

"...extremely interesting"
- Tim Lind

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This is a TV, without all the complexity

Made for digital pioneers, audio connoisseurs, binge watchers, gadget lovers and pixel aficionados.

We removed everything that doesn't add to a simple experience; thereby making it ultra-slim, completely private and compatible with your other gadgets.

The remote and menu has been replaced with the Iron Cast App (open-source), for those rare occasions when you're in the mood for a change of scenery.

We know that the best TV speakers are not something you embed, they are something you add. Plug-in your favourite speakers and streaming device and start watching your favourite shows and movies, as intended, in ultra-resolution.

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The ultimate Soundbar

This subtle and poised beauty, is not only for audiophiles obsessed with sound. We designed the Iron Cast Soundbar for you to hear and see; precision sized to the depth and width of the Iron Cast TV, for the ultimate wall exhibit.

With this Soundbar, compatible with any TV, you can complete your home-cinema experience, combining crystal clear display with crystal clear sound.

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The simple Orb

While the absence of a remote might be too much too soon, our Iron Cast TV is compatible with any universal remote. We also offer a stylish choice, for our dear fans of analog control.

The Iron Cast Orb is as stylish as it is simple. Turn to adjust volume, tap to mute, double-tab to switch source or hold to power on or off. It doesn't get more simplified than that.

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Our Iron Cast TV is available in three different aluminium colors.

With your choice between Indulged Black, Rosina Gold or Bifrost Silver, our color-range offer a selective and a unique design choice for any home.

Indulged Black has a classic deep, rich and mat aluminium surface.

Rosina Gold is the perfect balance between gold and rose, a beautiful aluminium glow for any lively room.

Bifrost Silver has a subtle rainbow effect, that will illuminate any room with more than aesthetic.

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Our Iron Cast Soundbar is available in five different fabrics, a choice between black, grey, white, rose or blue.

We aim to make your speaker blend in and pop out, at the same time. We humbly call it a perfect pairing.

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Iron Cast 2021 Reservation

310 reservations left

Each production batch is limited to 500 customers. Buy or reserve your 2021 Limited Edition Iron Cast, with a $30 down payment for reservations. Pay the rest when shipping. To buy or reserve our limited Iron Cast's, simply select your desired configuration.

You can cancel your reservation at any time. The down payment is non-refundable if you cancel your reservation.

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TV: 4K UHD. TFT-LCD. HDR 10 / 10+. 3840 x 2160 RGB Resolution. Antiglare / Hard Coating. 3500:1 Contrast Ratio. Response Time 8ms. 89/89/89/89 Viewing Angle. 3 x HDMI 2.0. 1 x USB 3.0. 1 x Digital Audio Out (TosLink). Input Voltage 12.0V (Typ.). Power Supply 100-240v 50/60Hz. Typical Power Consumption 62W. Maximum Power Consumption 191W. IR-Receiver. Open API. Embedded Wall Mount. CE. Outline Size 122 x 70 x 2 cm.

Soundbar: Dual speaker, 250 watts full range stereo sound. 1.0’’ silk dome tweeter. 50Hz-20KHz frequency response. 90dB sensitivity. 1 x Digital Audio In (TosLink). Embedded Wall Mount.

Orb: 3D IR-Transmitter. 2 x AAA Batteries.

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